Monocouche Ireland Ltd is one of Europe ‘s principal suppliers & applicators of render products and is committed to offering accessibility to the most comprehensive portfolio of products at the best possible value available in today's market.

We offers a product portfolio to satisfy the most demanding performance criteria. We are determined to offer customers a premier service, together with the most comprehensive sales and technical support available, ensuring upmost customer satisfaction.

  • Fast Application: Monocouche is a one-coat system that takes less time to apply than other techniques. This system comes in a range of colours, saving you money on additional paint expenses, and it can be used on both modern and historic homes. It sticks to most surfaces, making it ideal for a wide range of tasks.
  • Weatherproof: Monocouche is extremely weather resistant. No matter how much rain or wind the Irish weather throws at your house, these renderings are a strong contender. During their specified life period, they are entirely waterproof and weather-proof.
  • Range of Colours: Monocouche comes in a range of colours and finishes giving you the choice for your preferred design and colour for your home or building.
  • Insulation: This render can also help with the outer layer of the house in relation to insulation, as they have high thermal efficiency’s which will in all help you save money on heating bills.
  • Long Lasting: Monocouche render has a minimum ten-year lifespan. So, you won't have to worry about repainting the exterior of your home for the next ten years, and colours rarely fade with time.

Check out the revolutionary Monogarde XT90 complete with 10yr AXA Insurance guarantee
designed to protect your property from unsightly staining.

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Monogarde XT90

Monogarde XT90 offers the ultimate protection for Monocouche render.

  • Water/Oil Repellent
  • Anti-Staining
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Resistant to Algae, Lichen & Fungi Growth
  • Comes with a 10 year AXA insurance guarantee

This revolutionary product can be used on both interior and exterior applications and is respectful of the environment as it is non-toxic, solvent-free and silicon-free.

Monogarde XT90 protects the render from destructive elements such as water ingress or parasitic plants which can lead to structural that can be costly to repair. It is also non-filming forming, allowing the substrate to breathe and vapours to escape. Furthermore it protects from unsightly dirt, staining or graffiti, allowing the render to be easily maintained.

Use Case



Non-Treated Monocouche

A drop of water leaves persistent spots even after wiping

A drop of oil leaves persistent spots even after wiping

Monogarde XT90 Treated Monocouche

The drop slides.
No persistent spots.

The drop slides.
No persistent spots.


Monocouche Coloured Render

Monocouche Coloured Render is a fast, single application product which creates a uniform, through colour finish enhancing the appearance of any building, commercial or residential.

As this render is coloured it does not require painting after application and the through colour finish ensures the colour will be maintained even if the render chips or gets damaged over time. A full range of colours and finishes are available for all decorative requirements.

Monocouche Coloured Render is blended at the production stage and is applied using a machine spray system, producing a consistent finish in colour, texture and application.


Monocouche Coloured Render

Traditional Render

Speed of Application

More than 4x faster as only requires one coat and is machine applied

Application requiring several coats and manually applied


Reduced costs
e.g. no painting costs,
shorter scaffolding times

Higher costs for scaffolding etc


Doesn’t require painting

Needs to be painted after application and needs continual maintenance thereafter

Colour Maintenance

Colour will not be lost if chipped or damaged

Colour will be lost if chipped or damaged and will require repainting


Measured and mixed during production, always using the same products and ratios - more consistent finish throughout build

Mixed on site which may use different types of sand and unequal manual measurements - more varied result to the finish


Monogarde Antifungal

  • Monogarde Antifungal is a curative and preventative treatment.
  • Destroys parasitic vegetation.
  • Easy to remove the vegetation - washed away by rain or light brushing.
  • Destroys and inhibits moss/lichen/algae/fungi on all substrates.
  • Does not change colour or alter the surface appearance over time.
  • Replaces common chemical products, all of which have negative effects on the surface and the environment.
  • Free from nonylphenol, chloride, and solvents

Monocouche NMS Paint

A high performance Nanoscale Molecular Structure, mineral paint

  • Specialised application for scraped render finishes
  • A high quality mineral paint for masonry substrates
  • A low-maintenance finish on to external wall insulation
  • Rejuvenates existing rendered substrates

Monocouche NMS Paint is a solvent-free, water-based silicone resin emulsion paint (SREP) for masonry substrates.

  • Unique combination of high water repellency, high vapour permeability and low VOC
  • Resistant to blistering and peeling
  • Highly hydrophobic - water beading effect helps maintain a clean surface
  • Chemically bonds to masonry substrates due to Nanoscale Molecular Structure
  • Resistant to algae and fungi growth
  • Vapour permeability and UV resistance independently tested
  • UV stable and resistant to acid rain ensures exceptional long-term durability and performance
  • Forms part of a number of approved insulation systems
  • Monocouche NMS Paint is available in a wide range of colours. Specifiers should consult colour chart available from Monocouche Ltd.


Wet Based Synthetic Render

Formulated around an acrylic base, this engineered two-coat process offers a number of performance criteria including an extensive range of colours, water shedding properties and mechanical flexibility which ensures the products' suitability to facilitate the higher natural movement associated with framed, timber or sheathing board materials.

Other rendering products offered by Monocouche include;

  • Pre-blended Single Coat Application render
  • Preparatory Key Coat for rendering
  • Multi-coat Render coat system onto calcium silicate panelled background

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