External Insulation

Benefits of Monocouche External Wall Insulation

Reduces Costs & Fresher look

External wall insulation (EWI) improves thermal efficiency, reduces energy consumption and therefore lowering energy costs, especially now when energy prices are increasing drastically. But also, while modernizing a fresher look to your home with a fresh colour of your choice from the render finish.

No Moving out

You do not need to move out during the renovation works that are taking place as all the work is done outside. Choosing EWI also avoids interfering with plumbing and electrics and means space inside the home is not impacted, unlike with internal insulation which can reduce the inside space by up to 7%.

Environmental Benefits

External wall insulation has a beneficial impact on our current environment as it reduces the amount of Co2 pollution that is being emitted into the atmosphere, as when a house is properly insulation you are burning less energy.

Better Comfort in your home

Heat loss through a home's walls generates moisture, which can lead to the deterioration of paint and plaster, the unsticking of wallpaper, and the formation of mould. Even worse, wetness detected within the house might aggravate respiratory issues. A well-insulated home reduces the impacts of condensation and can help with damp problems. In the summer, your house will be cooler, and in the winter, it will be warmer — a win-win situation.

Insulated Wall Systems

Increasingly stringent performance criteria is being demanded from modern day construction. Insulation properties are becoming an important factor in the design process, no more so than in the external facade of a building.

A new development in the external wall insulation market is the availability of one-coat insulated wall render systems. By combining One Coat Cementitious render products with an insulant inner layer, the system brings the benefit of a fast track render application to this high performance process.

By installing insulated wall render systems a number of advantages may be further realised including, the accommodation of increasingly higher thermal values being demanded by building regulations, as the thickness of the insulation may be easily accommodated by the system and not constrained by the internal dimensions of the internal room space. Furthermore refurbishment may be carried out with very little disruption to tenants.

We can apply and install the only external wall insulation system available in Ireland today, that carries the 60 years Irish Agrement Board Certificate and 30 years British Board of Agreement Certificate.

Cladding Systems

Decorative or Rainscreen Insulated

The wall cladding system available from Monocouche Ireland Ltd is based around an external natural clay tile cladding system, which is available in a range of colours suitable for commercial, industrial and residential developments. With most types of construction being accommodated including concrete, timber and steel framed buildings.

The system is designed to function as a rear-ventilated, open jointed Rainscreen cladding which allows the inclusion of an insulation layer to be located on the outer face of the building shell. Rigorous independent testing underpins the performance capabilities of the cladding system which includes durability, strength, water penetration management, fire, impact and low maintenance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does the external wall insulation take to complete?

Insulating a typically new home takes anything from a week to two weeks. Other factors may have an impact on how long this job takes such as the size of the house and the weather.

Q2. How Do I Sign up for the grant?

The first step the grant must be approved prior to work being done on your home.
The fastest way to apply is going on to the Seai website- Information that will be needed to sign up includes:

  • Chosen Registered contractor.
  • MPRN- Meter Point Reference Number, this can be found on your electricity bill.
  • E-mail Address.

Q3. Do you provide Finance options?

Yes, we can provide Finance options as we are teamed up with Humm. Once a quotation has been made, we can help you with that process.

Q4. Will any of the external wall insulation work effect the inside of my house?

No, it will not, that is the benefit of this type of heat preserving work as External wall insulation as all works are done outside. You can go about your normal day to day while the works are being done.

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